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Launching a BNI Chapter is an exciting and extremely rewarding process. Sometimes we need a little help thinking outside the box. Using the links below, you'll find a collection of resources proven to help you launch your chapter and grow your sales team.

Feel free to reach out to your Chapter Launch Director at any time for support.

Growing your Chapter = Growing your Business.

Replicate Results. Not Work.

We've found the best results for finding quality referral partners is to reach out to people you already work with. Entrepreneurs and business professionals that you know, like and trust.

Our results show that websites like the ones listed below are a great resource to prospect for your chapter. Done correctly, you'll build your personal network and quite likely your chapter.

When business owners are paying to be listed on industry sites, it usually indicates they've been vetted to a degree and want to network and grow. These are quality potential candidates for your chapter.

1) Follow The Money!

Our initial thoughts can often be, "I can't think of anyone!" And that's OK, we get it.

An exercise we often find beneficial is what we call "Follow Your Money". Think of the sizeable investments you've made over the past day, week, month or several months.

Do you have:

  • Home or Automobile Insurance?
  • A Mortgage?
  • Have you visited the Chiropractor, RMT or other Health Practitioner lately?
  • Who does your taxes?
  • Is your Financial Advisor someone you trust? (We sure hope so!)
  • Often looking back at where you've spent your money recently can help you think of trusted referral partners. Personally, I spent a bit of money on my haircut this week and also had my car serviced at a local facility, both are businesses that I could invite out to meet my team.
  • Work through this exercise, we're sure you'll come up with two names.

2) Positive


Based on our stats some professions are found in almost every chapter across this Country.

If you have trusted referral partners in the following professions, their BNI Categories are amongst the most sought after.

Invite them out to meet the team, they'll forever be thankful to you for the opportunity, it could likely change the trajectory of their business.

A - Accountants

F - Financial Advisors

I - Insurance - Life Insurance AND Home/Auto Insurance AND Commercial Insurance

R - Realtor

M - Mortgage Agent